Tiger Dreamz Luxury Faux Fur Pet Beds

Tiger Dreamz

Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds are so very soft and luxurious. Tiger Dreamz are created to mimic the feel, beauty and softness of real fur. That is why pets naturally gravitate to them and sleep wherever you put your Tiger Dreamz bed. Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds are perfect for anywhere you want your pet to sleep or cuddle. Dogs and cats (and other pets too!) love them and are naturally attracted to the extra soft and luxurious faux fur.

Tiger Dreamz may be used as beds, mats, crate pads, throws and blankets. The throws are sized to fit most popular crates. The Trundle bed may be used for your pet who likes to burrow or cuddle, and may be used bunched up as a "nest", layed out like a "tunnel", or stretched flat like a "mat".

Tiger Dreamz products are machine washable in warm or cool water, but please do not use any heat when drying. Air or line dry to keep the fur beautiful.

Tiger Dreamz products provide these benefits:

Tiger Dreamz throws are available in three sizes plus trundle style for most pets. Approximate dimensions are:

The Tiger Dreamz products are available in the following types:

A Luxury Mat of Faux Fur Print with fleece reverse.

A Trundle Bed, available in selected fabrics

A Luxury Mat of various colors of faux fur, with the same fabric on both sides

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for shipment. Please select your size and fabric carefully. Please refer to our policy page for details on our return policies.

Jaguar pattern dark brown and black rosettes on cream. The mats are available with faux fur on both sides. Trundles are double sided Jaguar faux fur.

Canadian Lynx pattern, white and grey with black spots. The mats are available with faux fur on both sides. Trundles are double sided Lynx faux fur.

Clouded Leopard pattern chocolate and lighter brown swirls with black. The mats are available with faux fur on both sides. Trundles are double sided clouded leopard faux fur.

Silver chinchilla pattern faux fur. A beautiful shimmering silver color. The mats and trundles are double sided Chinchilla faux fur.

Caramel Cocoa faux fur. Mat and Trundle have caramel cocoa faux on both sides.

Black Forest Cake, a dark chocolate brown faux fur, with a dark eggplant hue, almost black. Available in double sided faux fur mat or trundle.

New Color! Pomegranate Wine. Double-sided faux fur. Available in mat or trundle.

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